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Lawrence was born at Gorphwysfa in Tremadog, Caernarfonshire (now Gwynedd), Wales. His Anglo-Irish father, Sir Thomas Robert Tighe Chapman, who in 1914 inherited the title of seventh Baronet of Westmeath in Ireland, had abandoned his wife Edith for his daughters' governess Sarah Junner (born illegitimately of a father named Lawrence, and who styled herself 'Miss Lawrence' in the Chapman household).[6] The couple did not marry.

Thomas Chapman and Sarah Junner had five illegitimate sons, of whom Thomas Edward was the second eldest. The family lived at 2 Polstead Road (now marked with a blue plaque) in Oxford, under the names of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence. Thomas Edward (known in the family as "Ned") attended the City of Oxford High School for Boys, where one of the four houses was later named "Lawrence" in his honour; the school closed in 1966.[7] As a schoolboy, one of his favourite pastimes was to cycle to country churches and make brass rubbings. Lawrence and one of his brothers became commissioned officers in the Church Lads' Brigade at St Aldate's Church.

Lawrence claimed that in about 1905, he ran away from home and served for a few weeks as a boy soldier with the Royal Garrison Artillery at St Mawes Castle in Cornwall, from which he was bought out. No evidence of this can be found in army records.

From 1907 Lawrence was educated at Jesus College, Oxford. During the summers of 1907 and 1908, he toured France by bicycle, collecting photographs, drawings and measurements of castles dating from the medieval period. In the summer of 1909, he set out alone on a three-month walking tour of crusader castles in Syria, during which he travelled 1,000 miles on foot. Lawrence graduated with First Class Honours after submitting a thesis entitled The influence of the Crusades on European Military Architecture – to the end of the 12th century based on his own field research in France, notably in Châlus, and the Middle East.

On completing his degree in 1910, Lawrence commenced postgraduate research in medieval pottery with a Senior Demy at Magdalen College, Oxford, which he abandoned after he was offered the opportunity to become a practicing archaeologist in the Middle East.

In December 1910 he sailed for Beirut, and on arrival went to Jbail (Byblos), where he studied Arabic. He then went to work on the excavations at Carchemish, near Jerablus in northern Syria, where he worked under D. G. Hogarth and R. Campbell-Thompson of the British Museum.

He would later state that everything that he had accomplished, he owed to Hogarth.[8] As the site lay close to the Turkish border, near an important crossing on the Baghdad Railway, knowledge gathered there was of considerable importance for military intelligence. While excavating ancient Mesopotamian sites, Lawrence met Gertrude Bell, who was to influence him during his time in the Middle East.

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C L J said...
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Salam Persahabatan;
Pandangan yang hamba catatkan bawah tajuk ......... (mengenai seni dan budaya Malaysia/Indonesia) hamba dah sebutkan mengenai pemecahan kerajaan Othmaniah di Bumi Arab sebagai ada kaitan dengan pemisahan negara dan budaya di Alam Melayu.

Segalanya bermula dari dendam perang salib. Dalam hal pemecahan kerajaan kerajaan Othmaniah Kln. Lawrance dikenal pasti sebagai telah memainkan peranan utama dan terpenting.
Mashaallah.... kita semua sedang ditemukan.

Semuga peranan yang sedang dimainkan secara sendiri sendiri oleh kita semua ini akan akhirnya menjadi sebahagian daripada kerja besar dalam menyediakan bumi ini untuk merealisasikan kelahiran seorang Mahadi yang dijanjikan akan diturunkan di akhir zaman.


C L J said...
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C L J said...
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Kln: Lawrance di Tanah Arab .................
Yang lebih pelik dari itu di Alam Melayu ni sapa ? ? ?????? ANUAR IBRAHIM........
Semuga Allah Subhanahu Wataala melindungi kita semua dan bumi bertuah ini.

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